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Auntie Shim's Memorial Service Program

Click on the oval photo below to view the memorial program with Auntie Shim's quotes and the words for niece Rene Maruyama's new song. 

Auntie Shim Memorial Service Program

“The death of my twelve-year old sister, Emiko, when I was still in high school, affected me as it affected our entire community of Kamuela. . . . my sister’s death made me aware of the reality of life’s impermanence and the importance of doing one’s best for others each precious, unrepeatable day.”


“My hopes and dreams are that people will increasingly treat one another with decency and dignity . . . . volunteers can make life a little better for those in need – a smile, kind companionship, or a helping hand are priceless contributions given from the heart with no expectation of reimbursement or praise – in the Buddhist spirit of “Dana” – selfless giving.”



Shimeji Kanazawa, November 9, 1995

Moiliili Community Center, 50th Anniversary




Click on the photo of Auntie Shim and Mary Bitterman below to view Mary's Eulogy for Auntie Shim


Shimeji Kanazawa | Our Matriarch's Legacy

Leslie Wilcox (LW):

There’s nothing in your remembrances about anger, hostility, bad people?


Shimeji Kanazawa (SK):







No. All of my friends and my family, and everybody, has been really extra special to me. And I really appreciate all of that.



You must encounter people who are rude, have ulterior motives, but you don’t take it to heart?



No. No; I just turn them around. [CHUCKLE]



You turn them around; how do you do that? I’d like to know that skill. How do you do it?



I just look at the good side of them, and try to make them come along.



PBS Hawaii “Long Story Short with Leslie Wilcox”

First Aired: September 4, 2012

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